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NickySharkz - Nic Lombardo

Gung-Ho Divers Founder
Nicholas Lombardo in the left
Organization's Founder


Nic has had a love for the ocean since he was a little kid. Mama Tee would make the kitchen and the living an underwater scene by covering the area using blue blankets over the furniture. She would put little sea creatures throughout the space. Then, she would take 2-liter soda bottles and make them into little scuba tanks for Nic and his brothers, so they could pretend they were diving and looking for treasures underwater. Little did he know that would become his reality many years later. 
Prior to graduating high school, Nic followed his older brother Anthony and got his PADI open water scuba certification. At the same time, Anthony received his PADI Advanced open water. After high school, Nic joined the United States Marine Corps Infantry, serving two times in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. After his honorable discharge, Nic decided to use his GI Bill and become a Helicopter Pilot in 2012. Over the years, he advanced his career by flying for private families as their Captain. 
Since serving the USMC, Nic has struggled to find peace within his mind. Although he managed to find success in his career, he felt something was still missing. Everything changed when he did his first Shark Dive on 2017 with Emerald Charters in Jupiter, Florida. He immediately became obsessed with sharks and began to dive with them every year. He finally found his purpose: being around these beautiful apex predators. The adrenaline and excitement of being in their world were so therapeutic that he had to do this full-time.
Nic graduated from his PADI instructor course at the end of 2020. He was then offered a job as a deckhand with Emerald Charters and worked his way up through the ranks to become a shark handler. He was trained by the best. Over this time, Nic realized how much this has helped him with his experiences overseas, and he decided he would create a company to help veterans struggling from their pasts. Nic started a nonprofit called Gung-Ho Group. He knew it would be challenging not having a dive boat or company that was established, so he opened Gung-Ho Divers. Now, he is offering many services, such as shark dives, training dives, and much more to come. His goal is to continually grow Gung-Ho Divers & establish a platform for his nonprofit, so he can effectively help veterans struggling.

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